Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Habitat Experience

Lindsey, Ashley, and Tracy representing their sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, after taking cover from the rainstorn

This was my first trip with Habitat for Humanity.I absolutely loved every single second of the Habitat trip this year! There were some ups and downs, but the second the pieces of wood started resembling a house, I knew that every second was worth it. This Spring Break was well worth all the effort. I had thought about going on the typical Spring Break next year, but there is no way I could pass up the opportunity to help others in such a tremendous way. On top of everything, I meet some really awesome people. both faculty and students, and have definitely created memories that will last a life time. - Lindsey Van Sparrentak

Representing the Alpha Phi Sorority
Carolyn, Ashliegh, Rachel, Jalessa, Maureen, and Karie

 I love this trip! It is nice to get away from school and everything else, but its awesome to know that you are helping change someone's future. Habitat means someone's life is changing for the better. We are able to help others who need it. I feel like a good Samaritan and hopefully in the long run, we will encourage the future home owners do the same. -Maureen Heacock

Beth, Brie W., and Kelly Ann working hard

Before we left I was waiting to get super stoked and pumped but I never did until we showed up the first day and I was told to build door frames with Kelly Ann and Brie. Once i pounded in the first hammer it just felt so good to know that what i was doing was actually going to be used in this house that we were building. Then when i saw the first door frame go up I was beaming. I just kept thinking "No way. Did I really help build that?" It was so cool. I loved going on this trip and seeing so many houses being built in places that didnt have anything there to begin with was amazing. Going on this spring break trip was an experience I will never forget. Habitat for Humanity means lending a hand when someone heads help back on their feet. That sounds so corny buts its so true. People dont ask for help often but when they do, as human beings, we should be there asking what we can do. It's common knowledge you help someone who needs help; therefore, Habitat For Humanity seems like common knowledge to me. -Beth Rosepal

PJ, Ashliegh, and Maureen at the Marti Gras Dinner

While on the spring break trip I felt so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization such as Habitat For Humanity. I was the first person on the waitlist for the trip back in the fall, so being able to go to Georgia, meet the people I've met, and help the Columbus, Georgia area rebuild its community was such a blessing. I love Habitat For Humanity because of it's ability to inspire hope. Habitat inspires hope not only in it's homeowners, but in its hardworking volunteers, also. It helps one realize that there are other people out there helping to better our communities and change the world in a positive way, one house at a time. - Ashliegh Jarzenski

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